A tool for reviewing flashcards

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C/C++ CI

Build and run

./cards -f hiragana.csv
# at some point enter !save and exit with CTRL-D


Edit cards.csv and save your session by typing !save while studying.

Here is a typical cards.csv:


You can also use the -f flag to use another file such as hiragana.csv for instance.

WARNING! This tool won't care about the order in which cards were written in the file!

If you want cards.c to know which cards to show first, you'll have to fill the last field of each line with a number. The higher it is the earlier the card will appear. This number is altered by cards.c when you type !save.

If you want your cards to appear in the same order as in cards.csv, run this:

cat cards.csv | awk 'BEGIN{i=1000}{print $0 i--}' > cards2.csv


cat hiragana.csv katakana.csv > cards.csv


This project includes files from csv_parser


Development notes

Known to compile and run on Debian Stretch and FreeBSD 12