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The Go Programming Language

On libgen

Chapter 1 - Tutorial

Exercise 1.1: Modify the echo program to also print os.Args[0], the name of the command that invoked it.

Solution: Just change os.Args[1:] to os.Args[0:] which can then be simplified to os.Args.

Exercise 1.2: Modify the echo program to print the index and value of its arguments, one per line.


func main() {
  for idx, arg := range os.Args {
    fmt.Println(idx, arg)

Exercise 1.3: Experiment to measure the difference in running time between our potentially inefficient versions and the one that uses strings.Join.

Solution: After 1000000 iterations, I got the following benchmark:

Inefficient method: 65.7ms
Efficient method: 45.3ms

Here is a function that takes another and run it many times:

func run_times(f func(), n int) {
  for i := 0; i < n; i++ {